CuePath enables families and care professionals to remotely track medication intake of their loved ones, which helps families to alleviate the stress associated with caregiving, and care professionals to offer medication reminder services more efficiently. Our solution is based on medication packaging which is familiar to most seniors so they do not need any training on new technology.


CuePath has given me insight into my patient’s medication adherence and daily routines that I never could have known previously. It is easy to attach the sensors and only takes about 1 minute per week. I love how it integrates into our workflow at the pharmacy without adding a lot of extra steps.
Bal G - Pharmacy Supervisor
CuePath’s smart blister packs and adherence service helped our customer gain better insight into their senior family member’s medication adherence problems in three weeks.
Richard L, Pharmacist, British Columbia.
My mother used blister packs for many years for organizing the pills, yet CuePath’s smart blister packs and a monitoring mobile app helped me to realize that she needs more help with managing her medications, which eventually motivated me to hiring a professional caregiver much sooner.
Janet H, British Columbia
Our family and the wellness staff were able to monitor, from a PC or mobile phone, if and when dad had taken his medication. CuePath helped us to understand when dad was actually taking his medications, allowing the pharmacist to adjust the dosing schedule to his routine.
Mike B.

23% of nursing home admissions are a result of non-adherence


Less than 50% of prescriptions are taken as prescribed

$213 B

Misuse of meds costs US Healthcare System $213 billion annually


  • No internet or wifi connection required
  • Peace of mind
  • Call your loved one directly from the CuePath App
  • Safe and Convenient
  • Comfortable for seniors
  • Real-time information: Make sure your loved one is taking the right medications at the right time
  • Promote Independence
  • Find out about medication usage problems before its too late


Welcome to CuePath

CuePath is a healthcare technology company on a mission to help seniors and other vulnerable individuals stay healthy and independent with the support of their circle of care. We aim to provide caregivers with the information needed to support users with medication adherence.

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