Remote Medication Management

CuePath is a simple to use medication tracker that allows you to monitor the intake of a loved one from next door or across the globe.

CuePath is the easiest and most effective way for seniors to improve their medication management. It enables families and care providers to remotely track the medication intake of their loved ones, which helps alleviate the stress associated with caregiving. Medication reminders are provided more effectively. CuePath is an add-on to regular blister type medication packaging which is familiar to most seniors – making CuePath easy to use and to integrate into their daily routine. Our remote medication management solution helps not only patients but also health care professionals and families:

  • Improves medication adherence of seniors and adults with chronic conditions.
  • Provides alerts and reminders throughout the day when meds are missed.
  • Includes an easy to use medication adherence tracking app for caregivers.
  • Enables seniors to maintain independent living.
  • Provides peace of mind to family caregivers.

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Prevent emergencies due to medication mismanagement.


CuePath has given me insight into my patient’s medication adherence and daily routines that I never could have known previously. It is easy to attach the sensors and only takes about 1 minute per week. I love how it integrates into our workflow at the pharmacy without adding a lot of extra steps.

Bal G, Pharmacy Supervisor

Our family and the wellness staff were able to monitor, from a PC or mobile phone, if and when dad had taken his medication. CuePath helped us to understand when dad was actually taking his medications, allowing the pharmacist to adjust the dosing schedule to his routine.

Janet H, British Columbia

I want all my patients to use CuePath so never again will I have to enter a residence and find my patient lying unconscious on the floor.

Yuko A, Nurse