A Unique Business Opportunity

CuePath provides a unique business opportunity for pharmacies that are interested in the improvement of their patients’ medication adherence.

The research tells us that 50% of seniors with at least 1 chronic condition have problems with medication adherence. It also tells us that seniors are unlikely to admit to having an adherence problem. CuePath enables pharmacies to identify which patients have difficulty managing their medication, so they may employ strategies to improve the patients’ compliance.

The opportunity for the pharmacy is to help the patient improve adherence, remain at home and independent, and avoid hospitalizations.

From a business standpoint, the pharmacy benefits in the following ways:

  • It gains a competitive advantage for its unique, differentiated service and technology for treating medication adherence.
  • It acquires new patients from CuePath’s Home Care Provider Partners in its area.
  • It provides real-time data for patient medication reviews.
  • It reduces late prescription renewals.

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