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Be certain your loved one is taking their meds.

Whether you want CuePath for yourself or for your loved one, the process is quick and simple:

  1. Click on the Order button below and provide your details.
  2. CuePath will confirm and let you choose an authorized pharmacy in your area.
  3. The chosen pharmacy will then contact you to complete the prescription transfer so the CuePath service will be included with your next dispensed blister pack.

There is no upfront cost

The benefits are undeniable:
  • Enables seniors to remain independent
  • Provides peace of mind for family caregivers
  • Prevents hospitalizations due to medication mismanagement

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Order today and a CuePath representative will call to confirm the details and provide …

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CuePath is currently available in British Columbia, Canada. We will be available throughout …

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The CuePath Caregiver App is available to family members and care providers of seniors …

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CuePath is free for the first month. There may be a nominal charge …

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