A Compelling Return On Investment

CuePath Home Care Partners can offer a CuePath-enabled Medication Reminder Service, that generates a monthly recurring revenue stream. This new service can be completely outsourced to CuePath, so it does not burden your personnel or financial resources.

CuePath can reduce the attrition of non-adherent clients by keeping them healthy for an additional 2 – 6 months.

CuePath data can provide valuable insights into a client’s support needs, and consequently justify the need for additional services or care hours.

Return on Investment Scenario:

New revenue stream: 100 Clients subscribed to the Medication Reminder Service $96,000 / year
Reduced attrition: 80% Clients extend their services an additional 6 months $432,000  (average revenue per client: $900/mo)
Upsell opportunity: 20 % Clients contract for 4 additional care hours / week $145,152 / year
Cost for 100 Clients $74,400 / year
TOTAL ROI $166,752 / year + $432,000 in compounding revenue starting in year-2

A CuePath Home Care Agency Partner can earn a healthy ROI and help improve their clients lives at the same time.