Providing a Differentiated Service that Saves Lives

CuePath partners with Home Care Agencies that wish to improve the medication adherence of the patients under their care. For Home Care Agencies that offer services such as medication reminder calls and support for medication management, CuePath complements these services.

Benefits of partnering with CuePath:

  • Assist in extending your clients’ independence
  • Provide peace of mind to your clients’ families
  • Differentiate your home care agency from other competing agencies
  • Generate revenue from services that are enabled by CuePath
  • Extend the customer lifecycle from the improvement of clients’ adherence

The Home Care Agency may provide CuePath medication adherence monitoring combined with a Medication Reminder service. This enables the Home Care Agency to better understand the degree of the adherence problem and work together with family to resolve the problem.

CuePath CueCare Portal

CuePath provides its Home Care Agency partners with an online portal to monitor its Clients that use CuePath. It provides a daily, weekly and monthly view of client’s medication adherence. It also displays reports that identify trends in the client’s adherence over time.

CueCall Service

CuePath’s Home Care Agency partners can outsource the reminder call service to us. If the partner is tight on resources for monitoring clients’ adherence and making reminder calls, we can do that for you. Our professional team is trained to talk to seniors and help them take their medicine on time.

We have a process that includes escalations to the client’s Case Manager when we are unable to contact the client, when the client has missed 2 consecutive dosages and a few other circumstances. A complete call log is provided to the partner. Our workflow is available upon request.

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