Track Your Loved One’s Adherence

If your loved one is using a CuePath™, you can stay up-to-date with their medication adherence status through mobile alerts and by using the CuePath app.


You can receive Alerts when you’re loved one:

  • Is late taking their medication at the scheduled time.
  • Opens the incorrect blister pack compartment.
  • Opens more than 1 dosage.

To receive Alerts, tell the dispensing pharmacist to send you a CuePath Alerts registration link by email. Click the ‘REGISTER NOW’ icon. Complete all information fields (including your phone number and email address). When the CuePath Smart Blister is active, check your device for notification messages.

CuePath App

Caregivers that are family, close friends and professional care providers may use the CuePath app to help track the medication adherence of their loved one. This enables them to provide support when their loved one has trouble managing their medication.

The CuePath app allows family members to track their loved one’s health status and live far enough away that they can’t visit often.

  • Available for Apple iOS and Google Android smartphones

For more information, click here to visit the Caregiver App page.