Care Providers

Improving Quality of Life for Seniors

CuePath provides medication adherence information to family caregivers and home care professionals to improve the medication management for the seniors entrusted with their care.

CuePath provides an effective combination of technology and services that assist seniors and inform their loved ones and care providers so they can work together to be more successful at understanding and resolving their adherence problems.

Care providers now have advanced technology to apply to this serious problem.

CuePath securely shares medication adherence information to the family members, home care professionals, pharmacists and physicians with the permission of the patient. No data is shared without authorization. There is no data maintained about the specific drugs and dosages prescribed to patients. The information is private and secure.

Family Caregivers

If your loved one is using a CuePath™, you can stay up-to-date with their medication adherence …

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Home Care Agencies

The research tells us that 50% of seniors with chronic conditions have medication adherence …

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CuePath partnered agencies can offer a CuePath-enabled Medication Reminder Service …

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