Is your loved one's care home in lock-down?

Get FREE remote monitoring.

To help seniors affected by Coronavirus, CuePath now provides its medication tracking and reminder call service for free. This will enable you to remotely monitor your loved one, and be assured that they are alert and tending to their medication needs.

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CuePath Smart Blister Packs
Connected to Internet

Promotes Adherence

We help patients stay adherent - medication is taken at the right day and at the right time.

Reduces Risks

We send real time SMS messages to help catch problems before they happen.

Improves Health

Following your doctor's medication therapy reduces the risk of adverse health outcomes.

Real-time Updates

Receive real time blister pack updates - available through your iPhone and Android apps.

Pharmacy Managed

Your local Pharmacy manages the service. Simply come in and pick up your SMART blister pack.

Call Center

Our friendly and professionally trained call center follows up when medications are missed.