CueRx Patient Management

The CueRx Portal is an online system that enables the Pharmacy Partner to dispense a CuePath Smart Pack for a patient. The pharmacist can associate the patient with the CuePath Smart Pack, and configure the patient’s bubble pack for their unique prescription schedule.


  • Associate the patient with the CuePath Smart Pack.
  • Configure bubble pack for the patient – number of doses per day and scheduled times of day for each dose.
  • Determine the CueClip Alarm settings for each patient.
  • View online / offline status of the patient’s CueGateway.
  • View battery status for the CuePath Smart Pack.
  • View the medication adherence data for each patient – daily, weekly views.
  • View the monthly medication adherence reports and trend analysis.
  • Enter the patient’s designated caregivers that wish to receive Alerts.

Note that the CuePath CueRx Portal does not store any information regarding the patient’s prescribed drugs. It stores the patient’s name, address, date of birth and the scheduled times for each dose, as described above.

Patients are required to provide the CuePath Pharmacy Partner with consent to have their medication adherence information monitored.

CuePath is not a medical device. It is an add-on to standard bubble packs as provided by companies such as Jones and OmniCell.