Class is in session! On November 7th, members of the CuePath team brought their expertise at UBC to present a multi topic panel presentation entitled ‘The Startup Coop Experience.’ UBC Engineering coop students who were in attendance learned about:

  • Life at startups: A Closer Look at the business structure (what does it take? how to get an idea going? common mistakes to avoid)
  • The 3 latest software trends students need to be aware of in coding (hint: think JavaScript)
  • Rediscovering 4 specific tips that will enable students to have a successful overall coop work experience

The panel allowed also for student questions and networking opportunities. One of the presenters, Paul Racanelli (Operations Supervisor) commented, “At CuePath, we have built a culture with our team to ensure we find avenues to give back to the tech community. Setting up this panel enables us a means to reach out with local students studying at local institutions. We felt it gave students a chance to hear about real life business scenarios of what it takes to create a startup along with some invaluable practical suggestions for students preparing to enter today’s professional tech workforce.”

CuePath wishes to thank all the staff at UBC (including the Engineering, Computer Sciences & Coop Department contacts) involved with this event. If you are interested in inviting us to an upcoming event or panel presentation, please email